Plastering for Straw Bale Construction

  • 03 Oct 2015
  • 04 Oct 2015
  • Peterborough

Plastering for Straw Bale Construction

October 3-4, 2015

Mixing clay plaster, clay plaster workshop

Mixing clay plaster

Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin

Straw bale walls are unlike any other wall type when it comes to plastering. The unique substrate of undulating straw combined with the many important roles the plaster plays in a straw bale wall system (it is structure, weather-proofing, air sealing and aesthetic finish all in one!) means that plastering straw bale walls is a skill all unto itself.

This workshop will focus on Endeavour’s unique two-part, one-coat system of plastering. Over many years of development, we’ve refined this technique to allow the full depth of plaster to be applied to bale wall at one time. Using a high clay content and a high chopped straw content, this style of plastering combines strength, simplicity and user-friendliness. This system can be used to create the final finish on a wall, or have a final skim coat finish applied over top.

Earthen plaster at Endeavour Centre Kinark Sustainable Living Centre straw bale, earthen plaster, earthbag, straw clay, solar, natural plaster, rainwater Clay plastering on straw bale walls
Home made hydraulic lime plaster at Endeavour Centre Earthen plaster at Endeavour Centre Earthen plaster at Endeavour Centre Earthen plaster at Endeavour Centre

Participants will get to experience materials selection, mixing ratios and equipment, the mixing process and spend lots of guided time applying the plaster to a permanent building.

The workshop will cover clay plasters (using local soils and bagged clay) and clay/lime hybrid plasters.

With this workshop under your belt, you’ll be ready to tackle your own straw bale plastering project!


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