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  • 16 Jun 2018
  • 17 Jun 2018
  • Peterborough

Natural Plaster Workshop: Base Coat to Finish

June 16-17,2018

Our Natural Plaster Workshop takes you from base coat to fine finishes. Clay and lime plasters are beautiful, non-toxic, good for the planet and lots of fun to mix and apply!


Learn to work with natural clay and lime binders using recipes and techniques that will work on any natural wall material as well as conventional wall types. You will discover how to prepare wall surfaces and set up a plastering job to look great.


Natural plaster workshop Natural plaster workshop Natural plaster workshop
Natural plaster workshop Natural plaster workshop Natural plaster workshop


Base coat plasters are a thick and straw-rich layer that can be applied by hand or by trowel, and you will get to experience both techniques. Find out how to build up a thick base coat with the form and texture you want. Learn to avoid cracking, delamination, slumping and dusting so your base coat will be long-lasting, durable and a great substrate for a good looking finish. The hands-on format offers you lots of opportunity to practice and gain valuable application skills.


Finish coat plasters are thin, can be pigmented with rich colours and textured in countless ways. You will learn how to apply fine finishes to ensure you get the look you desire for your walls. Troweling, compression and burnishing techniques will all be part of the hands-on experience.


In the Natural Plaster Workshop you will experience plasters made from natural earth, processed clay, hydrated and hydraulic lime and clay-lime blends. Discover how to source ingredients, make test samples and choose the right type of plaster for every need.




Art and Science of Natural Plaster

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