Sustainable Building 4-month Program

  • 08 Apr 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 26 Jul 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • Endeavour Centre

2019 Program Dates: April 8 – July 26

Endeavour’s Sustainable New Construction course is a unique, full time, hands-on sustainable building program.

You will find yourself at the centre of a building project that achieves the highest goals of sustainable green building:

Zero net energy use
– Zero embodied carbon
– Zero toxins
– Zero construction waste

You will work with teachers and practitioners who are leaders in the field and work with fellow participants who are motivated and enthusiastic.

It is a unique experience unlike any other construction program in the world!

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For 2019, the hands-on project for this program will be building a duplex cabin at a camp near Orillia, Ontario. The four-season cabin will aim to meet the highest possible targets for energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, carbon footprint and construction waste.


Sustainable New Construction Course Overview

Our full-time Sustainable New Construction course involves you in every aspect of making a highly sustainable building.

From simple natural building materials to state-of-the-art energy systems, you will experience the learning that comes from being responsible for all aspects of construction, from planning and budgeting to finishes and systems commissioning.

Interacting with experienced builders and tradespeople, students work with designs, materials and technologies that are at the forefront of sustainable building.

The learning experience suits the seasoned building professional and the excited newcomer alike. The diversity of students in our classes creates a unique atmosphere of cooperation, shared learning and partnership.

This experience can put you on the path to a future in sustainable building, from first-time owner-builder to general contractor or specialized subcontractor.

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Job Site Experience (75% of program)

Meaningful job site experience is at the heart of the SNC program. We believe in putting our students in roles of individual responsibility within a cooperative, team-based approach to construction. Working with our experienced instructors and licensed trade professionals, you will be involved in the complete construction cycle of a high-performance building.

On the job site, you’ll learn about:

  • Installing structural systems, including foundation, walls and roofs, all chosen to meet the highest sustainability criteria
  • Creating energy efficient building enclosures, achieving air tightness and avoiding thermal bridges
  • Choosing and installing healthy, natural finishes
  • Choosing and installing efficient, low-carbon heating, cooling and ventilation systems

Classroom Modules (25% of program)

What Is Sustainable Building?

  • Discovering the language, development and practices of sustainable building is an important beginning to the construction work that will follow. This module covers the history of the movement toward sustainable building, the working language and terminology of the field and a primer in the technologies currently in use to create sustainable buildings.
  • Learn about a wide variety of green building programs (from The Living Building Challenge to EnergyStar) and their philosophy, principles and rating systems.

Building Science

  • Successful sustainable buildings put good building science to use. This module introduces building science and provides the “thinking platform” that will inform our entire building process.
  • Learn about heat and moisture flows, energy modelling and a thorough building science approach to design and construction for highest performance levels, durability and occupant health and comfort.

Building Structure

  • Buildings are complex structural systems. This module examines structural principles and how we can put those into practice to create strong, durable buildings.
  • Learn about a wide range of natural building materials and approaches, from earthbag to straw bale to timber framing.

Renewable Energy & Mechanical Systems

  • Resilient buildings incorporate passive technologies with renewable energy to create buildings with minimal environmental impacts. This module takes a holistic approach to the design and integration of a building’s mechanical systems.
  • Learn about a wide range of renewable energy, heating, cooling, ventilation, water and waste strategies and systems.

Reading Construction Plans

  • The conversation between designer and builder is based on the construction drawings. This module helps to bring drawings to life and enables you to read, understand and modify drawings.
  • Learn about the complete construction plan process, from client interviews to drafting to material take-offs.

The Art of Natural Building

  • Beauty is integral to building, and beautiful buildings are visually exciting, nurturing and inspiring. This module explores the pursuit of beauty in building in theory and in practice.
  • Learn an artistic approach to crafting materials, and many ways of using beautiful natural finishes.

Sustainable Design

  • Each student completes an extensive design assignment, generating a set of sustainable goals, an initial design proposal and a set of preliminary architectural drawing
  • Students learn to use Sketch-Up 3D design software
  • Design projects are for real-world clients, offering experience in client interaction and expectations

The Business of Sustainable Building

  • It will take dedicated sustainable builders to affect real change in our construction industry. This module brings professionalism and sustainable building together.
  • Learn how the construction business works, and how sustainable builders can make real change while earning a sustainable living.

Worksite Health & Safety

  • Health and safety are as important in sustainable building as in any kind of construction. This module offers several key safety certifications and training in job site procedure and safety.
  • Learn how to function safely in a wide variety of job site scenarios, from identifying hazardous materials to proper use of personal safety equipment and scaffolding.

Sustainable New Construction Entry Requirements

There are no formal prerequisites for the sustainable new construction program. The curriculum is designed to accommodate those with lots of construction experience as well as those with little or no building background. The selection process for participants is based on a cover letter you send with your application. We are looking for participants who are serious about pursuing a life path in sustainable and natural building.

Tuition Fee

$5,500 (CDN) + HST. Maximum class size: 10

Apply Now!

After you graduate…

Graduates of Endeavour’s Sustainable New Construction course have found employment in a wide range of roles, in Canada and around the world. Some have gone on to become sustainable building contractors, others have specialized in sub-trades such as straw bale wall builders, earthen floor installers, natural plastering, renewable energy installation, green roofing and timber framing. Others have found roles in the design field and as consultants. A few graduates have gone on to build their own sustainable homes. Further training is also possible, with some graduates continuing their education in fields like architecture, building science, carpentry and electrical.

With Endeavour’s strong connections among sustainable builders and designers in Canada and around the world, many pathways open up for our graduates! Over 70% of our graduates have found work in their desired field.

Check out our most recent Sustainable New Construction project HERE.

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