Sufficient Living Introduction: Small Scale Homesteading

  • 12 May 2013
  • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Hesperus Village, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Ingrid giving the tourSelf-Sufficient Living Introduction: Small Scale Homesteading


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hesperus Village, Thornhill

$125 Advanced Registration Fee by April 26, 2013

$150 Registration Fee    April 26 - May 3 (Registration closed May 3)


“Learning how to become self-sufficient on how you live on the earth is slowly becoming a new grassroots movement throughout the world.  Homesteading is a term that is applied to anyone who follows a self-sufficient lifestyle that includes small-scale, sustainable agriculture and homemaking.

Our world is becoming more cluttered, more polluted and if you pay attention to the reality that we are all living right now, you should be beginning to have an increasing concern over the authenticity and quality of your food.  With the increasing intensity of the erratic weather patterns as well as the European economic instability, it behooves us to become more self-reliant and ensure that our food, shelter and living needs are more locally sourced, energy efficient and more immediately available……."

This 1 DAY WORKSHOP is an introduction to what SELF-SUFFICIENT Living can encompass.  You will see a variety of scenarios of how you can begin to implement different strategies of how to become more self-sufficient. We will go into depth on the following topics;

  • A Self-Sufficient Life – the Pro’s and Con’s, future trends, stability
  • Natural, Organic, Building Alternatives – New & Retrofits
  • Alternative Energy Options – Small scale, combinations, costs, long term considerations
  • Self-Sufficient Gardens – Land Selection, Urban or Rural  concerns, Permaculture/Biodynamic Principles
  • Food Preservation Choices – Local, non-GMO, Methods, Storage
  • Small Livestock Considerations – Small Scale Farming, Urban options
  • Accessory Buildings for Homesteading – Essential needs, DIY and more

You may also be interested to attend the FREE SEMINAR introductio regarding some of the content of this WORKSHOP.  CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON THE FREE SEMINAR ON TUESDAY MARCH 26, 2013

self-sufficient living book PREVIEWYou will also be able to buy the companion book that reflects the content of this talk, soma earth SELF-SUFFICIENT LIVING ! This is an introductory guide to what the essential components are to becoming more self-sufficient such as;  building materials & systems that are more energy efficient, healthy & ‘natural’,  selecting alternative energy systems, becoming aware of the essential need to start your own garden and plan for long-term storage needs,  owning your own backyard chickens……PLUS MUCH MORE! CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK OR TO BUY DIRECT


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